Introduction: The AFL12 was formed in the fall of 2012 & uses the ever popular Football Pro 98 from the now defunct Sierra Sports.  The AFL12 started out as a "retro" league using the 1976 NFL rosters as a baseline. At present we are averaging 2 1/2 seasons a calendar year. Currently the AFL12 has no team openings but has a waiting list.

The AFL12 is a 12 team head to head simulation league that empowers it's owners with the ability to change roster position, choose playbooks & schemes(profiles) within the game. Trades & free agent moves are common & encouraged. The league can be as serious as you want to make it, but truly needs only minutes a week to manage a team effectively. The more time you commit to it the more successful you can become(or so it should be).

Games are played on the commissioners computer weekly on Thursday, Friday & Saturday depending on viewing interest.  Out of town owners can request game films.  Off season free agent signing, trades & rookie draft keep owners busy before upcoming seasons.  

For more & complete information refer to the rules  page located on this site.  Please contact the AFL12 Commissioner, Cameron Prichard at : cam4chiefs@gmail.net   if you are interested in being put on our waiting list.

Feel free to visit our AFL12 Forum as well as a few of the team pages for entertaining information.  

Cameron Prichard
AFL12 Commissioner
Prichard Wolfpac