Interested Parties may schedule games between Saturday & Wednesday with the Commissioners office. All unscheduled games will be played at the Commissioners convenience.  Owners may choose to host games if they wish. 1 weeks notice must be given & coordinated through the Commissioners office.



American Football League 12 - Events Calendar


  1. Adjust History page to reflect 2013 & 2028 MVP from American Bowl.  Access from last years History page located in Web Update: named Historyreal.

  2. Teams must decide to retain IR rookies or let go.  Either way, they must get to 53 players.

  3. A one week trading window will be allowed.

  4. Retirements occur

  5. Teams may select ANY 1 player to un retire. They may also select ANY 1 player year 3 or less.

  6. A one week trading window will be allowed.

  7. Rookies created

  8. Rookies' ratings capped

  9. Commissioner reviews last seasons trades, free agent pickups and retirements

  10. Submission of Protected Player List(8 Developmental players year 1-3, 14 veterans or players of your choosing)

  11. Teams may place the FRANCHISE PLAYER TAG on any player.  This player can be traded for at minimum a 1st round draft pick and more upon negotiation.

  12. Free Agent Signing Period, including Franchise Players.  A 1st round pick must accompany any selection of a Franchise Player during this time.  No negotiation may occur.

  13. AFL12 Rookie Draft

  14. Diamond in the rough(3rd round) #20 ranked actuals /SEMI stud potentials

  15. Supplemental Draft

  16. Training camp for active rosters

  17. Training camp for FA's

  18. Position Changes & Name changes due

  19. Update Weekly Game Stat Years(afl12wk01.htm, for example)

  20. Update Individual Teams Records

  21. Preseason (1 game)

  22. 8 rookie studs created for next seasons draft

  23. Regular season (14 games)

  24. *Post 6th week one of four STUD rookies & one of the four -5% semi STUD rookie prospects in the next season's draft are eliminated.

  25. Week #9 - TRADE DEADLINE

  26. Post Week #14 Regular Season Game: Submission of Placement Rosters

  27. Week 14.5 - #5 seed plays at #4 seed

  28. Week 15 - Semi-final AFL12 Playoffs

  29. Week 16 - AFL12 Championship Game(played immediately following semi final playoffs)

  30. Make a copy of rosters with player ID's.