2038 Franchise Player List

Any player listed below can be traded anytime during the 2038 season but must include a 1st round draft pick. Teams may negotiate a trade and are not obligated to trade said player.


Holt-x:        LB Quay Walker        
New Orleans-x: HB LaMont Jordan 
Miller:        N/A  
Headley-x:     WR Kevin Dyson
West London-x: DE Jevon Kearse
Taipei-x:      HB Tiki Barber
Kansas City-x: G Mark Knopfler
Prichard-x:    FB Michael Pittman 
McCune-x:      HB Isiah Pacheco       
Turner-x:      LB Leo Chenal   
Key West-x:    T Caleb Jones
Davis-x:       S Mike Brown